Custom Bracing

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A custom knee support is an orthopedic therapeutic apparatus that is custom-made particularly utilizing the estimations of your leg and composed with highlights that are adjusted for your damage/condition.A custom knee support is a compelling approach to lessen your agony, secure your knee and permit you to resume the exercises you appreciate.

We also provide bracing for

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Spine/Back Supports
  • Elbow/ Wrist
  • Foot/ Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Hip

Ask us today about custom bracing to see if this can benefit you. Extended health benefits will often cover the cost of your custom brace, we are ready to assist you with all the necessary documentation needed, also a prescription for a knee brace may be required from your physician.  Contact us for further inquiry or to book your consultation today at 416-748-2225 or 416- 748-1919